The Small Town Binomes

The Small Town Binomes are a singing group in Mainframe. There are six one binomes in the group dressed as a cop, a marine, a leatherman, a Native American, a construction worker, and a cowboy. They auditioned to perform at Enzo's Birthday. Dot liked them and they were one of the very few acts that Emma See, the program sensor, liked. They sang their latest smash-hit single 'BSnP' for their audition. (Talent Night)

The lyrics to their song are as follows:-

"Cause we're livin' with
B S 'n' P!
Yeah, we're livin' with
B S 'n' P!
Oh, it's fun to play in the nonviolent way,
In the nonviolent way!
Yeah! We're livin' with
B S 'n' P!
Cause we're livin' with
B S 'n' P!
Hey, it's fun to play in the nonviolent way,
In the nonviolent way!"

The group also made an appearance on stage in Al's Diner during Dot's bachelorette party. One of the group got Dot to come on stage and dance with them while Mouse and AndrAIa watched. (Null Bot of the Bride)

References Edit

  • Small Town Binomes singing their hit record "B.S.'n'P." is a parody of the Village People's 1978 smash-hit song 'Y.M.C.A'. Their song, 'BSnP', was meant to make fun of the ABC television network censors. BSnP stands for Broadcast Standards and Practices.

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