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Sharon Alexander

Sharon Alexander is a Canadian actress known on ReBoot for voicing the adult AndrAIa from season 3 episode Icons, to Daemon Rising and My Two Bobs.

Co-host of HOTTRAX, a weekly syndicated entertainment radio program in the U.S., Sharon also provides station imaging for major-market Canadian radio and stations across the U.S. and Japan. Sharon Alexander has been a guest star on television series, featuring in "The X-Files" and "Da Vinci's Inquest".

Sharon's voice over work includes cartoon animation and commercial voice work for television including "Dokkoida!?" (2005), "Elemental Gelade", "Gundam Seed" (2003), "Inuyasha" (2000), "Maison Ikkoku", "Megaman NT Warrior" (2004) , "Silverwing" (2003) and "Transformers: Energon" (2004).

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ReBoot Panel

Sharon Alexander joined most of the ReBoot cast at the 2009 Canadian Anime Convention in a ReBoot Panel.

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