Sergeant Smiley

Sergeant Smiley is a viral zero binome in the service of Megabyte. He wears a constant smile and is annoyingly cheerful. When told to do something he always says, "May I say what a pleasure it is to..." then Megabyte interrupts him.

Sergeant Smiley was given the job of taking a dropper containing the shrunken ABC with Mouse, Hack, and Slash in it and put it in Bob's drink. Smiley annoyed Megabyte to no end during the mission. Smiley and some other viral troops broke into the kitchen of Al's Wait and Eat and tied up Al. Sergeant Smiley impersonated Al when Al's Waiter ordered up an energy shake for Bob. Unfortunately, when the drink arrived at the table Bob let Enzo have a drink first, and the shrunken ABC ended up in him instead. (The Great Brain Robbery)

Sergeant Smiley has been seen working with other viral spies, like Agent Six and Agent Twelve.

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