Random is an insult meaning unpredictable and irrelivant. Individuals in Cyber Space take pride in the fact that they do computable tasks, being called Random is very insulting because it means they are no computing well and that they are not useful.

Dot Matrix called Bob Random when they were having an arguement. She was insulting his life of living on the edge and having no plan for his day, taking things as they come. (The TIFF)

Phong told a story about a young sprite that went a little random one Upgrade. He didn't get to finish the story because he was interupted. (The Great Brain Robbery)

Other common insults on the Net are BASIC and Pre Programmed.


  • Casually, it is typically used to denote a lack of order, or purpose, or cause.
  • Random, in information science, irrelevant or meaningless data is considered to be noise.

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