Power Charger

Power Charger

The Power Charger is a chamber used for charging small devices. It has a glass container where a device can be placed, when it closes energy will be swirl around the device, charging its energy source.

Power Charger (2)

Glitch in Power Charger

The Principal Office has a power charger in its Read-Only Room. Bob used it to charge Glitch after the small Key Tool lost power while battling Megabyte when he took control of the Core Control Chamber. When in the Read-Only Room he told the computer to scan for recharge zones. The computer responded that it was processing request and a VidWindow appeared on the far side of the room. The Power Charger came out of the window and the window vanished, the charger floated toward Bob and settled over the center information window. The charging chamber opened and Bob put Glitch inside, and the charging cycle began. It didn’t take long for Glitch to be charged to full power. (Infected)

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