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Welcome to the ReBoot Wiki site. This is a complete encyclopedia of the television show ReBoot. This site was started in November 2007. We hope that you enjoy the site and please help us update and correct any information you can. Thank you for coming.

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"This is it Phong, prepare for war." -Bob

The Web War was a large conflict between the Web and Mainframe. A lone Web Creature had been found in Mainframe and the Guardian Council voted to destroy the system to keep the Creature from spreading to the rest of the Net. They hired Mouse to track down a web creature capable of creating portals to the Net which was hiding within Mainframe, but unbeknownst to her, already had included a Delete Command within her communicator that could be primed and activated once she obtained visual confirmation of the creature and reported it back to Turbo.

With the intervention of Bob, their plan failed. The explosion did create a massive tear over the city, which attracted the Web Creature. It flew straight toward the tear and stabilized it into a portal to the Web.

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Screenshot of the Moment

Phong presiding

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