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Joe Crawford

Joe Crawford was a character animator for ReBoot.

Joe Crawford is an experienced devoted teacher, computer animator and special fx artist. Having over 18 years experience in 3D software packages, Joe previously worked at Mainframe Entertainment Inc where he produced animation and special effects for several television series including 'ReBoot', "Beast Machines" and "Action Man".

Joe has worked for two years on a variety of projects with Chris Holbrow of Backbone Entertainment who relied on Crawford's expertise in problem solving and logic skills. His dedication to helping his students understand 2D/3D graphics is unparalleled. Joe has often provided a wealth of knowledge and resources to computer artists of "Electronic Arts" branch inside Canada.

He is the head maya technician at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts' faculty. Currently, he owns his own company "Celestine Studios", founded in 2001 which produces educational media, advertising and offers technical support.

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