There are two binomes in Mainframe with the name Jean-Luc.

Zero BinomeEdit


Jean-Luc Zero Binome

Jean-Luc is a zero binome wearing a red suit with four gold dots on his shoulder.

He was first seen as one of the members of Dot's "riot" outside Silicon Tor, holding a sign. (The Tearing)

Jean-Luc had called Enzo's Overwrite delivery service by mistake, seeking Dot's Data Compression Takeout. (Racing the Clock)

He appears a year later eating at Dot's Diner. (Infected)

Jean-Luc is later seen in a Game Cube along with Bob and Captain Quirk. He enters Dot's Diner along with them after the Game ends, and Bob complains that "All he kept saying is "Make it So"", to which he counters: "And "Engage"! I said "Engage" more times than "Make it so" actually." (AndrAIa)

CPU and Game 3

Being evacuating from an Incoming Game

Jean-Luc was seen being evacuated along with several other civilians by a CPU Tank when a Game Cube was landing in a section of the city. (Game Over)

One BinomeEdit


Jean-Luc One Binome

Another Binome is seen later wearing a similar red suit with gold dots. He is a one binome. He opposes Megabyte's takeover of a nullified sector, so Megabyte quickly orders his deletion. (Between a Raccoon and a Hard Place)

He is restored once Mainframe crashes and restarts. (End Prog)

While Bob is trying to separate himself from Glitch he tries a transporter. He is unsuccessful, when he materializes Jean-Luc appears next to him on a neighboring transporter pad. (My Two Bobs)


Jean-Luc is directly modeled after the Star Trek character Jean-Luc Picard.

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