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Guardian armada mainframe
Guardian Armada
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"Fleet Commanders, this is it. Blow the Guardian Armada out of the sky as it enters our air space." -Dot Matrix

The Guardian Armada is a large fleet of armored ships operated by the Guardians. Its primary job is the defence of the Super Computer. When the Super Virus Daemon infected the Super Computer and all the Guardians, she used the fleet to take control and seed other systems.

2005 july aug 800
Guardian Ship

Two Guardian ships managed to get into Mainframe and open it to the Net. This allowed the Guardian Armada to invade Mainframe. The lead ship was commanded by Cardon. The CPU Defence Force fought the Armada and put up a good fight despite the fact they were hopelessly out numbered. Bob knew they would eventually fall to the Guardians and asked Hexadecimal to use her viral powers to remove the Armada from the system. Hex agreed and expelled the entire Armada single handedly, while Mouse sealed the system with a firewall. (Daemon Rising)

Guardian tank Bob
Guardian Tank facing Bob
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Guardians expelled by Hex
Hexadecimal repelling the Armada
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The Guardian Armada was then given the task of taking down the firewall and taking control of Mainframe. Mouse's encryption was to complex even for the Guardians, leaving them no access.

Daemon started the next stage of her Net takeover and had the different ships in the Armada carry her Seeds to all the systems of the Net they could. One ship shot down by Matrix and AndrAIa when it entered the Satellite System.

Guardian tanks Net
Guardian Ships in the Net
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Part of the Armada was given the job of chasing down Matrix and AndrAIa before they sealed other systems. As they lost access to some systems, Daemon ordered the fleet to try and trap Matrix and AndrAIa and bring them to her. They succeeded in catching AndrAIa but Matrix made it back to Mainframe. (Cross Nodes)

Guardians and Daemon
Daemon with the Guardian Armada
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After Daemon infected Mouse she had the Armada transport them to Mainframe where she ordered Mouse to deactivate the firewall. Daemon ordered the fleet to remain outside the system to avoid a fire fight between the Guardians and the CPUs. Daemon simply entered the system alone. The Armada was de-infected when Hexadecimal sacrificed herself to save the Net. (Sacrifice)

Guardian tank crashing
Guardian Ship crashing
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