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Captain Quirk

Captain Quirk is a one binome with a mullet.

He is first seen auditioning for a spot in Enzo's birthday party. His act is terrible, with psychedelic music and a peace n love sign that changes to a daisywheel in the background. Both Dot and Emma See rejected his act. (Talent Night)

The next time he is seen is in a Game. He causes problems to Bob in the Game by setting a bomb powerful enough to destroy the planet. Bob was very upset and yelled that this was a bad idea..."Especially when you're INSIDE THE PLANET!" (AndrAIa)

He also seems to be friendly with Jean-Luc.


  • Captain Quirk is directly modeled after Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek.
  • The weird song Captain Quirk uses to audition for Enzo's Birthday is an adaptation of William Shatner's 'Rocket Man' spoken song.

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